“First Milk” the Love Renaissance Secret

Why you should use a Milky Serum right after washing your face?

How It Works
When skin has lost its ability to retain moisture there is a lack of NMF (natural moisturizing factor) that can be caused due to cell disorders and external damages.
After washing the face it’s important. The skin permeability is at its’ highest. The conditions for the skin are able to retain moisture. That’s when “First Milk” comes in.
By using “First Milk” to directly apply NMF (natural moisturizing factor) to the skin. Creating a base to achieve a lustrous complexion. Skin will become younger by regaining the ability to retain moisture.

Steps For Creating Beautiful Skin
1. First, apply the Milky Serum after wash the face.
2. Your skin condition will improve due to penetration of moisturizing and beauty components.
3. Then apply Well-Balanced Liquid Serum.
4. Your skin condition improves through rapid penetration of moisture and beauty serum.
5. Protect the skin with Cream.
6. The formulated ingredients in the Cream penetrate quickly, creating an optimal and long-lasting skin condition.